Kamenge, Northern Quarters Trailer

TRAILER KAMENGE NORTHERN QUARTERS Edited by David Pereira from salva muñoz on Vimeo.

The documentary is the picture of the soul of a whole country, Burundi, which asks for freedom and justice, the ideals Alexis Sinduhije is fighting for.

Trailer Edited by David Pereira


Production: Oneworld DocuMakers
Directors: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Director of Photography: Ana Izquierdo
Camera: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz, Ana Izquierdo, Jean Pierre Aimé Harerimana
Sound: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Editing: Manu Gerosa & Salva Muñoz
Music: Luca Será Micheli, Lorenzo Magnaghi
Visual Effects Artist & Design: Tricéfalo Studio
Sound Mix: Alsón Music & Sound
Color Correction: Ana Izquierdo
Documentation: Elena Patoner
Distribution: Journeyman Pictures.

Country of Production: Italy, Spain
Shooting Place: Burundi, France, Belgium, Italy
Original languages: French, Kirundi, Italian
Year: 2010
Running Time: 58 min.

Festival and Prizes

Screened at 1° DocUtah International Documentary Film Festival 2010 (16-09/25-09-2010, Utah-USA).
Screened at 5° Miradasdoc Festival Internacional de Cine Documental 2010 (29-10/06-11-2010, Tenerife-Spain).
Screened at 15° Amnesty International Film Festival 2010 (18-11/21-11-2010, Vancouver-Canada), Winner of the Prize: “Silver Audience Award”.
Screened at 3° Cairo Human Rights Film Festival 2010 (04-12/08-12-2010, Cairo-Egypt).
Screened at 9º International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris 2011 (08-03/15-03-2011, Paris-France).
Screened at 13º Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2011 (11-03/20-03-2011, Thessaloniki-Greece).
Screened at 4º Africa World Documentary Festival 2011 (05-03/12-03-2011 – Cave Hill, Barbados, 20-04/23-04-2011 – Yaounde, Cameroon, 12-05/14-05-2011 – St. Louis, Missouri).
Screened at 7º Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2011 (21-04/24-04-2011, Doha-Qatar).
Screened at 26º Black International Cinema Berlin 2011 (04-05/08-05-2011, Berlin-Germany), Winner of the Prize: “Best film/video documentary production”.
Screened at 14º Zanzibar International Film Festival 2011 (18-06/26-06-2011, Zanzibar-Tanzania).
Screened at 5º Addis International Film Festival 2011 (23-06/26-06-2011, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia).
Selected at 7º Tri Continental Human Rights Film Festival 2011 (09-09/28-09-2011, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria-South Africa).
Selected at 7º Montreal International Black Film Festival 2011 (21-09/02-10-2011, Montreal-Canada), Winner of the Prize: “Best Medium-Length Documentary Film”.
Selected at 14º Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival 2011 (29-09/03-10-2011, Istambul-Turkey).